Outsource Your Account Management
Our services are quite elastic as we can support your business fully or partially.

Focus On Business

Outsourcing accounting frees up time to focus on the aspects of the business that drive sales and service.

Removal of In-House Burden

Business eliminates the time and expense associated with recruiting, training and managing additional staff.

Peace of Mind

Turning accounting over to a team of accounting experts ensures confidence in the accuracy and the quality of a business’s financial information.

Accounts Management
Accounts Management forms the cornerstone of any business since the management of financial operations needs to be effectively maintained for documentation purposes. Sky Financial Service provides your business with either partial support or full support for accounts management based upon your specific needs and requirements.

Sky Financial Service provides Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable services under accounts management, which can aid in the efficient day to day operations of your business. Accounts Receivable services allow you to invoice your customers, credit your customers, and make payment adjustments, which form a part of the invoicing with documentation service. Statement of processing and reporting also comes under accounts receivable services which can allow for you to attain those documents which review your customer information and default accounting/billing; these documents can also be used for reporting purposes. Accounts Payable services allow you to keep a track of your outstanding payments via the billing entry and documentation service along with the payment processing service. Vendor reporting also comes under Accounts Payable services which can include reports on the overall inventory of third-party, outstanding payments to be made to vendors along with due diligence. Initiating cheques and ACH payments also come under accounts payable services, which are electronic payments carried out through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network and are made via computerized channels; statement reconciliation to identify any discrepancies in accounts payable statements also form a part of the accounts payable services.

Your company‘s need for accounts management can be analyzed by business analysts who can then advise you as to whether you should opt for partial or full support, depending upon certain characteristics. These characteristics can include but are not limited to the number of accounts your business has, the size and monetary value of said accounts along with your availability in managing these accounts effectively to gain the best outcome.